Ocinine is our participation to a Channel 9 contest. Ocinine is the perfect name to understand what we want to do. Ocinine (read OC9) means 'Open channel 9'. Our goal is to make avalaible the media content of Channel 9 to any 'Host Application'. Follow us as we create the new way to see Channel 9.


Qualis pater, talis filius

(The title mean : Like Father Like Son)

I don't know if you know it by now, but I come from a Java world (1,2,3) And Everyone know that C# was invented after some conflict between Sun and Microsoft.

So, it's not a big surprise to see a lot of thing we use in java taking life in C#. If they don't directly convert it, they inspired themself from a java tools or library.

It's for this reason that I'm gonna play by the rule and convert my Java Coding Conventions to a .Net naming gideline This way, I could use a tool like one I use in java to one for c#.

By the way, I Inform you that to the addition of the tools we said we gonna use. We gonna also use this library to help us make the better product of all the contest.

  • log4net: A library to help us manage our log. (conversion of log4j in Java)

  • NUnit: A library to help us test our application. (JUnit in Java)

  • TypeMock: A library to help us test our application. (Not really a conversion of a Java library, but come from an XP world. We have the same in Java from a long time.)

I also want a build tools. If I was sure it was really stable I prefer to use Maven CSharp Plugins. But it is in alpha stage. So If i had time we gonna probably use Nant.