Ocinine is our participation to a Channel 9 contest. Ocinine is the perfect name to understand what we want to do. Ocinine (read OC9) means 'Open channel 9'. Our goal is to make avalaible the media content of Channel 9 to any 'Host Application'. Follow us as we create the new way to see Channel 9.


Starting by the end ?!?

I found a presentation today on how to Designing .NET Class Libraries After I read it and Listen to the video, I'm asking me a lot of question. The Instructor tell three phrase that make perplexed :
Write the three lines of code developper will have to write, then model the APIs around making that possible.

One of the reason I take part in this contest it's about the things I'm gonna learn in doing it (The firs one is that I always wanted to do something with Cromag).

If we don't win or even, if we don't finish the project. I think i've found the best thing i'm gonna learn in all this adventure. I come from a Javaworld (did I tell you? lol), Thinking in OO is something I do frequently, but I think i never stop to think about how the end user is gonna use my API. I think its one of the consequence to always have the same targeted audience. (My co-worker). I never think my code could go outside our own environment.

That's so basic, and so true that I didn't think about it. If you think in XP, it should be the first rule of all.

So, I think I didn't see the start of our application the good way. I was starting by the OcinineManager, maybe I should start with the Host. Doing this, it become easy to split the job with Cromag. One could work with the core, the other with the host...

Gonna think more about it!

Oh, and by the way, Happy Easter!